Friday, June 23, 2006

The Scenic Road Home

After attending the Southern Baptist Convention in Greensboro, N.C., Grani and Papa decided to take the scenic drive home. That took us through Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, (We saw Ohio) and even Indiana! This isn’t something out of the ordinary. Today we are celebrating 30 years of this wonderful journey as husband and wife. That’s after dating for about 5 years before that. Wow! 35 years. There are thousands of really cool stories I could tell of our scenic stroll through life, but on this particular past week our travels to Kentucky led us to a trip to the zoo with Hannah! I have a picture I'll scan and add to this.

Then that night Hannah met more cousins, Alyssa and Kari, and her Great-Uncle Roger and Great-Aunt Jayme. They were on their way to Chicago on a youth mission trip and had stopped to stay the night in Indiana just across the Ohio River from Louisville. What a fun day!

Cousins - Kari, Alyssa and Christy

Great Uncle Roger and Hannah