Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wii Bowling with Great-grandma and Great-granddad

Videos would be much funnier! I may try to get one later.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas at Great-Great-Aunt Norma's House

Wrestling with Papa

Kari, Great-grandma, Alyssa, Great-Aunt Jamie, David, Diane's girls, Michelle, Melissa and Meagan with Beau

Diane wearing the dress she wore in Papa and Grani's wedding 32 years ago!

Jon-Michael and Beau

Great-grandma and great-great aunt Norma. (You get extra greats when you are an aunt for some reason.)

Kylee, Glenna and Haley

Great-uncle Roger, Jonathan and Mindi

Gibson, Grani and Haven. Haven was sick.

We had fun.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Benjamin is Learning Things

Benjamin and Hannah spent Sunday afternoon and evening with Grani. When I came home from church, Benjamin was watching a Baby Einstein DVD. I was impressed how he new the words to so many things. A picture would pop up on the screen and he would say what it was before the girl on the DVD did.

for instance, this picture (one similar) came up

and Benjamin said, "cup".

this happened a couple of times with different pictures and then this one popped up

and Benjamin said, "time out, it's a time out"


Christy explained that Benjamin goes to the big cushy chair when he needs "time to himself", so he calls that a chair, but Hannah goes to one that looks like this picture. Hahahaha!

He also can sing the alphabet, but Hannah sings louder than he does so you probably can't hear him here.