Sunday, September 30, 2007

All of the Grandbabies Are Here!

Tomorrow they are getting their pictures made together in matching outfits. toooo cute. And then Tuesday is Adoption Day! Check back for pictures!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Papa and Benjamin

Hannah's new chair. Actually, it's Hannah's Momma's chair from when she was a little girl. It was in Papa's attic.

Something new on Bear Hollow

I suppose it's not really new, but it's the first time I've seen one.

Can you tell what it is. This is a view of the side of Papa and Grani's house.
Here's a closer picture.
I bought a new camera to take to Wales. It doesn't seem to do close up in focus.
Can you tell that this is a tiny little frog?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Art for Adoption

Papa has a new painting. I just painted it this weekend. I painted it in honor of Benjamin and I have it for sale on Ebay. I put it there to sell it to help pay for his adoption. By the way, Adoption Day is October 2! I'm so excited!

Everyone needs to go to Ebay and check it out and put it on your watched items list so there will be a lot of interest in it. I suppose you could even bid on it if you want it.

The frame isn't included on the Ebay listing - just the matt.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Fun Evening Out

Grani and Papa and Hannah got to go to a LIFE group (Sunday School) party. It was out in the country. We got to play in the creek and pet some goats and chase some chickens and ducks. We took mommy's camera. There were four batteries in the diaper bag - rechargables. They lasted for about four pictures. Christy has those pictures. I'll get them from her and add them here. The family who had the party took these pictures. If you'd like to know more about Papa's church or to find a LIFE group that you could be a part of, click here.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Grani said, "We get to keep Jose this weekend."

"Woohoo", I said. I lied. It's not that I don't like Jose. I love Jose. She is so sweet. Baylee however hates Jose. Baylee is old a grumpy. Jose is young and perky and happy. Baylee is Eeyore. Jose is Tigger on caffiene. Jose comes bounding into the house and the first thing she does is jump on Baylee. He then growls and barks and climbs up the the highest point on the sofa. That used to be enough, but Jose is now bigger than Baylee and she cna climb just as high. And so the battle of the Century ensues with everyone barking and growling and running around and jumping and it can go on for hours.

"We'll get to see Hannah and Benjamin and you can take their picture since you found your camera."

"OK." I grumbled. At least I could get a couple of pics and some good hugs.

We drove across Old Hickory to Hannah and Benjamin's house. It's only about 20 minutes over there. But when we pulled up in front of their house this is what we saw.

What is this? An empty driveway. What does that mean? It means Christy isn't home which means I won't get to see Hannah and Benjamin.

"Oh!" grins Grani, "I guess Christy has already driven over to the Davis' house."

"Hmph." "Where are the babies?"

"Well, I suppose they are with Christy."

"I guess you knew they weren't going to be here."

"I wasn't sure, but we have to pick up Jose anyway."

"I brought my camera!"

"Jose is here!"


Here's a picture of Jose "tiggering" at the gate. She was very excited to see us.

And I guess I have to admit, I was glad to see Jose. She really is a sweet dog. And a whole lot more fun than our old grump, Baylee.

Maybe we'll see the grandbabies when Jose goes home.