Thursday, May 07, 2009

A Bunny on Bear Hollow

You'll want to see a beautiful collage if you haven't been to my Hilldale blog.

I want the grandbabies to see these pictures.
As I was mowing the back acre (which was WAAAAY overgrown - mower was broken, just got it back and then tons of rain) anyway, as I was mowing I guess I disturbed a baby rabbit nest because all of the sudden a little baby bunny rabbit took off running. I then started driving a little slower - in case there were others. Sure enough, another time around (or two) and out ran another baby rabbit.

This one ran just a little ways and then I guess he thought he was hidden in the grass. I turned off the mower hoping I could get up close to him and take his picture.

I walked slowly and quietly wanting to get a closer shot.

A tried my luck, walking in closer, wanting a better shot and hoping he wouldn't run away.
I was so close. He wasn't moving a whisker - holding verrrrrry still so I wouldn't see him. I could see him breathing hard. I stretched out my arm to get as close as I could for a picture.
I probably could have touched him! But he was so scared and I didn't want to terrorize him, so I went back to my mower and he ran off to join his brother.
After the next time around one more baby bunny ran out of the tall grass. I guess they'll get together tonight and talk about their scary afternoon.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Woodland Garden

I mentioned on Facebook the other day that I was out taking pictures of my woodland/shade garden. Sam said, "pictures! we need pictures!" So here they are. They are really gorgeous on my phone and not so great here on my computer. I'll have to see if there is something I'm supposed to do differently.
Jack in the pulpit. The "pulpit" will turn purple as it matures. Our mountain (I guess it's really just a hill) is covered with them. I brought one down from the mountain and it has multiplied. I'll get better pictures. I guess I need a nice camera. (hint, hint. June birthday)
Trillium. This variety has a brown "flower" and spotted leaves.
Nodding head trillium. Each plant has one large white flower that looks down. There are a lot of these on my mountain.
Columbine. I gathered seed from a columbine I had in another place in the yard and scattered them in the shade garden behind the grandbabies' mailboxes. This is one that came up from seed.
This is a tiny clover that has little pink flowers.You can tell how small it is when you see it in the picture below. It's there to the right of the maiden hair fern (which I also got off the mountain).